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“Personality, Style, and Color!”


Evolution Ink, is dedicated to helping every woman find her “fashion voice”.   Inner confidence is expressed outwardly with appearance.  I truly enjoy coordinating outfits, giving fashion tips, and advice.  Empowering women is a passion.

Recently Evolution Ink, began offering its services to corporations, small businesses, and non-for profits to empower their staff and potential employees with fashion basics for interviews and the workplace.

The creation that comes from a clean slate is endless.  Personality, style, and color can be the foundation for an awesome wardrobe.  Break the mold yet stay classy.  Try unique styles and colors while staying true to workplace etiquette. If it broken fix it.

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Business · Fashion · Public Relations · Women in Business · Women's Professional Attire

“Fashion: “Where It Well.”

Fashion is a powerful way to catch the eye! It creates the first impression without communication. The use of color, style, and personality are as individual as its wearer.

In researching African-American fashion designers, knowing that one day Charlie Stillwell, will rank among the 18 hottest designers according!

Check out the site for the complete list;

As a writer, I am fascinated by information, people, and their stories. You feel confident when you look your best. No matter your style, you must have your own identity. It should complement, your shape, personality, and cause you to promote the best you can give yourself and the world.

Take time to pamper yourself, care how you look, and rock it and ladies, as the song says, “Where it well”

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