“Creative Affordable Ideas” by Michele Renee Curtis

This is the season for summer entertaining from graduations, weddings, baby showers, and more. I can plan your event with any size budget.  Things don’t have to be expensive to look expensive.

You can take a small space like a yard and turn it into an oasis with time, creativity, and ingenuity. All things are possible.

This yard is decorated with; two bags of white marble rocks for under $4.00 each, two bags of brown mulch $2.75 each, 8 flowers a dollar a piece, garland at 99 cents for 15ft four were used, and four small pots at a $1.00 each. This entire yard was done for under $30.00.

It’s eye catching, neat, and simple. These are the ideas I can create for your event or party0423171225b